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Residential Aged Care Facility.

We provide reviews and recommendations for Residential Aged Care Facilities or Respite Centres, and offer ongoing therapy services. Upon engaging our services, A.C.T. Occupational Therapy conducts a thorough review of the current systems and environment to produce a recommendations report. This report includes up to three different levels of recommendations:

Our programs are completely tailored to the environment and current set up at each residential aged care facility or community. The review phase is conducted with a strong focus on involving the residents and staff and gaining their feedback to ensure the complete picture is considered.

Once the recommendation report is complete, A.C.T. Occupational Therapy then provides ongoing services to set up and facilitate the programs or changes chosen for implementation. Coordination with management, staff and residents is still vital to ensure there is maximum support towards any changes made. Gaining this support is extremely important for continued progress and continual improvement which is a major factor in gaining aged care accreditation.
The initial consultation period and recommendations report is provided for a fixed fee. Services provided thereafter will be charged by the hour. There is no obligation to engage A.C.T. Occupational Therapy services after the recommendations report is provided if you do not wish to implement any of the recommended programs or ideas. 


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